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Gillespie On Bundy, Officer Shootings
We talk with Sheriff Gillespie about Cliven Bundy, Las Vegas Crime, officer shootings and his approaching retirement ... [more]
Columnist: No Way Any Convention Is Coming To Las Vegas
Chances are zero that either major party will come to Las Vegas because it's all risk and no reward, says writer ... [more]
The HOA: Help Or Headache?
Have a problem with your Homeowners Association? Share your story during Wednesday's State of Nevada, 1 800 ask knpr ... [more]
Reid Vs. Heller On Bundy Standoff
Senator Harry Reid has referred to the Bundy supporters as “domestic terrorists” but he also says “you can’t just walk away from this” ... [more]

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Room with a you:<br>Ordinary doesn't live here
Room with a you: Neon stars and guitars Every picture tells a story Held firmly in place Experimenting with nature Zero clutter, smart curation and pop culture converge in one awesomely not very normal space “I’d hate to come home to a normal house,” says Chris Kenner, longtime executive producer of David... [more]

Business: Grow up
As the medical marijuana industry sprouts, a new class of professionals is budding. Meet the ‘potrepreneurs.’ On a warm February evening, toward the end of a monthly work group on the medical cannabis business, Adam Bierman takes the floor — a cramped spot of it between a folding table and a presentation board set up in a... [more]

Off the map
Impressions from 10 years of wandering Zion. It started like it does for dads from the Midwest, Boy Scouts from Texas and newlyweds from the Bronx: with a hike up Angels Landing, that predictably obvious, narrow fin of orange rock so tantalizingly cast out from Scout Lookout, a benign place to sit and watch, to lunch, beyond that other squiggly,... [more]

pomegranet.jpg Desert Bloom
Our current warm spell gives the impression that some plants can thrive when they aren't really suited to our desert. Norm Schilling has some examples.

kclifford.jpg Nevada Yesterdays
Efforts to drive organized crime out of Las Vegas, left one former Metro officer, Kent Clifford, with some controversies of his own.

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